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We’re living in turbulent times. Tensions around race relations are high and there has been increased pressure for people to be aware of how... More

I’ve often heard the phrase ‘God doesn’t hate sinners, God hates sin’. I’ve found it incredibly comforting that God has the grace to forgive... More

The world is a troubling place. If you’ve had your eyes glues to the TV, you would have seen that evil is rife. We have terrorist attacks, unnecessary... More

I won’t beat around the bush; the last few months have been pretty depressing. Terrorist attacks in Turkey, mass shootings in Orlanda, Zika virus... More

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we often celebrate the men in our lives that have made a special impact on us. The strength, support, encouragement... More

Did you know that Marvin Gaye, Katy Perry, Wyclef Jean, Angela, Jojo and Vanessa Simmons are all children of pastors and prominent Christian... More

Recently, I experienced a bad situation and I was finding it difficult to forgive the person who offended me.  Forgiveness never came easy for... More

At 31 weeks pregnant the unfortunate ignorance weaved within every sentence of this blog was enough to send me into early labour. As a wonderfully... More

10 years ago, if someone asked me what a church girl looks like, my response would have been a very stereotypical one. I would have said a church... More

The clocks going forward an hour on Easter Sunday marked the start of a new season. The day's stay lighter for longer and most people genuinely... More

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