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Recently, I experienced a bad situation and I was finding it difficult to forgive the person who offended me.  Forgiveness never came easy for... More

At 31 weeks pregnant the unfortunate ignorance weaved within every sentence of this blog was enough to send me into early labour. As a wonderfully... More

10 years ago, if someone asked me what a church girl looks like, my response would have been a very stereotypical one. I would have said a church... More

The clocks going forward an hour on Easter Sunday marked the start of a new season. The day's stay lighter for longer and most people genuinely... More

Heather Lindsay is an outspoken and popular motivational speaker from America and she is known for her uncompromisingly strong views. Recently... More

We’re nearly in April and it is becoming increasingly evident that this year is flying past! It’s easy to panic and ask yourself if you’re doing... More

Head of music at BBC Radio 1 Chris Price, this week predicted that Grime music would be the UK’s next biggest export. Grime is a fast paced home... More

If like me you’re inundated with bad news when you pick up the newspaper or turn on the television, do you ever ask yourself whether you’re doing... More

First of all, it's important to say that sin is sin. Telling a lie is just as wrong as cheating on your partner. One could argue that no sin... More

If you’re anything like me, when you have a big idea or a dream for the future you want to get started on it straight away. It can be so frustrating... More

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