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Kanye West called his latest album a gospel album, it even features Kirk Franklin, who has received heaps of criticism from Christians for appearing on it. Where does the truth lie? Guvna B and Premier... More

He sits in my office and is a quiet and powerful presence. The deep bass notes of his voice mingle with the scent of an expensive perfume, and his yellow scarf is held loosely around his neck. He is a... More

We’ve been broadcasting the Latin show for a while now and things are about to get even more excited! Currently, this is the only Gospel Latin show in the country and we are dedicated to making it the... More

“What about your image as a shy, humble country boy” – “well I don’t know what makes you think that, there’s a gold belt, and…” More

The Bishop is extravagant. His diction is formidable – a Southern American drawl that delights the ears even as it makes you put everything else... More

The last twelve years have seen steady and growing success for Muyiwa – the audacious gospel talent from Nigeria. More

Didn't manage to go? You can listen to Premier Gospel Week nights here! Jazz Night More

Premier Gospel Week 2015 has come to an end and it was an absolute success! More

We want to help you be as healthy as possible, and diagnose cancer quickly.Be clear on cancer with the NHS, supported by Premier Gospel. More

October is Black History Month, and Premier Gospel are asking the community to add their voice to a series of talking points around the theme of black history and culture. More

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