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Pastor Rich Wilkerson says Justin Bieber has ‘heart of gold’.

Mon 11 Jan 2016
By Premier Journalist

Rich Wilkerson is becoming one of the most popular preachers in America after officiating the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West. Rich and his wife Dawn-chere also have a reality TV show on the Oxygen network which has received great reviews.  

In an interview with Entertainment weekly, Pastor Rich explained the struggles of being famous and said Justin Bieber was trying to find spirituality while on his celebrity journey.

"When you do something good, that gets exploited. When you do something bad, that gets exploited. People aren't projects, people are people. Projects have a start date and a finish date — that's not people. People are eternal beings and our job is to love, encourage, affirm. Bieber has a heart of gold."

Another one Pastor friend of Bieber’s, Hillsong’s Carl Lentz recently shared how he baptized Bieber in a friends bath tub recently. Check out the full video for Bieber's song Purpose in which he shares a short message about his faith.

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