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Black History Month was introduced to celebrate and remember important people and events in the history of African diaspora. It was first introduced... More

Better known for gangsta rap lyrics about drugs and sex, Snoop Dogg has now turned his hand to 'Gospel'. Nathan Jones assesses Snoop's faith... More

During my first few weeks of marriage, I began to feel let down by the women in my church, and it was simply because I felt that in all the talks... More

It's Summer time! And whether the sun decides to show it’s face or not there’s a great selection of Christian events to get you making the most... More

Christian Hip-hop (CHH) is largely an underground genre, but has increased in popularity in recent years due to artists associated with it infiltrating... More

When I think of the world today, diversity jumps out at me. It doesn’t just jump out of me, it screams at me too! More

As you know, at Premier Gospel we LOVE music and we love Jesus. We decided to prepare a special Easter playlist with all of our Premier Gospel... More

UK artist Stormzy recently reached number one in the charts with his debut album Gangs Signs & Prayer in what may have been the most eagerly... More

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that we’re living in the digital age. This can mean many different things but for many hopeful... More

It’s always interesting to see how Christendom reacts when a controversy happens in the church. I say controversy and not scandal, because the... More

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