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10 of the best Christian Grime songs

Head of music at BBC Radio 1 Chris Price, this week predicted that Grime music would be the UK’s next biggest export. Grime is a fast paced home grown genre and is completely unique to the UK. Pioneered by the likes of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Kano and more it has come on leaps and bounds since it’s early days. With American superstars like Drake embracing Grime music by collaborating with the likes of Skepta and Section Boyz, we take a look at a few Christians who have made some epic Grime tunes. 

A Star

Many would call A Star the front man of faith based Grime music. Passionate about the genre he has kept the flame burning and continues to put our quality music. 


Guvna B

Having dabbled in a few genres, one of Guvna B’s breakthrough singles 7 years ago was a song called ‘Standard’, which was a fun proclamation of what it means to be a Christian.  Guvna B loves bringing people together and this song is a great example. 



Faith Child

Touring for over a decade Faith Child is a seasoned performer and a household name in the Gospel world. With many feature verses in the circuit he used the genre to speak against Grime with this song.



Triple O

With a distnct flow Triple O is technically gifted when it comes to delivering fast paced content. Double time rap is his speciality and he is known as one of the pioneers of the Christian Grime scene.


Presha J

East London is often famed for being the birthplace of Grime music and Presha J clearly takes that fact seriously. With an energy and bite that is second to none he remains one of the most loved MC’s in the game.




The Hackney resident is a tremendous producer and has supplied many hit songs to artists all over the UK. As if that wasn’t enough, he also tried his hand at rapping and it resulted in this song, one of the genres favourites.




This duo are pretty new on the scene but they made a strong impact when they landed. Technically up to scratch with their counterparts and with a resounding freshness that was needed.


Dwayne Tryumf

There aren’t many people who are not aware of this man. One of the most gifted artists to ever pick up a mic, Tryumf is credited for managing to get a huge amount of content into songs whilst still impressing with flows.




Brothers Icie and Bless are part of the furniture in the house of Christian Grime music. Pioneers and cutting edge they did a great job of staying true to themselves but relating well to those who weren’t Christian.


Sammy G

Sammy G is your favourite Christian Grime artist’s favourite artist. The Birmingham born MC  was a breath of fresh air when he landed and put out one of the best Grime albums to date, ‘Dublit’.   

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