4 expectations we shouldn’t have of pastor's kids

Did you know that Marvin Gaye, Katy Perry, Wyclef Jean, Angela, Jojo and Vanessa Simmons are all children of pastors and prominent Christian figures in the media? 

Pastor’s kids often get a bad rep. They’re commonly stereotyped as people who can fall into rebellious and troublesome paths in life, whilst steering clear of lifestyle choices that their parents expect them to adhere to. Statistically, it has been said that 1 in 3 Pastor’s kids drop out of church, and unfortunately it’s a reality that they are judged more sternly for making certain decisions compared to someone who didn't come from a family who were heads of the church. Let's look at 4 reasons why we should drop our expectations of Pastor’s kids. 


1. They’re ‘supposed’ to know better

They're human, so they sleep like we do and they eat like we do. They aren’t a special species that are required to live life in a super perfect way. We often place unnecessary pressures on Pastor’s kids because of their parents. It isn’t fair for them to live life with the pressures of always living up to the expectation of others. 


2. They can’t make mistakes because it’s embarrassing for the church

When Jesus died on the cross for every Christian, he gave us access to His grace. This means that the blood he shed was a ransom for our mistakes. That is great news for everyone, and we need to remember that this this applies to children of Pastors. When they make a mistake it isn’t a bigger deal, it’s just the same as when someone who isn’t a Pastor’s kid makes a mistake.



3. They have the best parents to teach them the way

Some Pastor’s kids may be missing out on what a 'normal' upbringing would be like. Being a Pastor is a very busy responsibility and a lot of church leaders don’t spend as much time at home as one would recommend. When you have parents that are busy, you might not get the ideal attention and direction that you need.



4. God is awesome, how can they not see this?

A lot of us in the church are sheltered from certain things that would may taint our vision of Christianity. Pastor’s kids will see the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Christianity and Church life. A lot of us only see the amazing things when it comes to church, but if we were to see everything, this could affect our thoughts and behavioural patterns.




Are you a Pastor's Kid?

What has your experience been?

Would advice would you give to other PK's?

Why shouldn't people have high expectations of you?

Leave your comments below!

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