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Kirk Franklin – Losing My Religion Album Review

Along with the likes of Mary Mary and Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin is one of the most recognised Gospel musicians of our time.  Anybody who avidly listens to Gospel music will be aware of his phenomenal work.  Kirk Franklin has been making music for over 20 years, having released his first album in 1993, and the release of his latest album Losing My Religion is enough evidence to see that his music still holds the ability to encourage those who lack faith, and strengthen those who have faith.  This project is brilliant and to be honest, it might just be his best work to date.

Losing My Religion goes far beyond the title.  In fact, upon first glance, the title is questionable, but it later becomes apparent that there is a deeper meaning.  Kirk was very tactical with this, and what I gathered from the underlying message is that the singer is emphasising the fact that Christianity is a lifestyle and not a religion. Preach it Mr Franklin!

The opening track which shares the name of the album further reinforces this as a motivational spoken-word piece.  Now I know Kirk Franklin is a man of many talents, but I was definitely shocked at how powerful this opening acapella is.  On this track, he’s essentially telling Christians to ask themselves if they are behaving in a way that symbolises their lifestyle.  Its authenticity captures listeners attention within the first 30 seconds and it’s a great representation of the album overall.

The album continues with records that highlight the benefits of freeing your mind from religious thinking. He sings “ Freedom from this way of thinking and  will allow you to enjoy the presence of the Lord during all phases of your life.”  One song that really shines is the lead single from the album Wanna Be Happy as it’s so relatable.  It’s about not being alone during the struggle of life. The standout song speaks volumes, and not just to Christians, but to everybody.  “For me, I know God is still there during the hard times” he communicates.


Another stand-out song for me is My World Needs You which features Tasha Cobbs, Tamela Mann and Sarah Reeves. What a line-up!This single is so pure and it sounds like a take on Christian-Pop (as weird as that may sound).  It’s not your ordinary Gospel song, but that’s what makes it work so well.  I was immediately drawn in by the sound and the powerful vocals on the record move me.  Goosebumps form on my arm as I listen to the smooth harmonies and empowering message.  Not many Gospel musicians can merge the two genres effortlessly, but this comes as no surprise, as most of us are aware of Kirk Franklin’s musical capabilities.

Honestly, there’s not one song that I can fault on Losing My Religion – it’s amazing material from start to finish.  It was also really good to hear songs like Pray For Me and Intercession where Kirk sings the whole way through.  A lot of us haven’t heard this since the early stages of his career so it was definitely a blessing. 

Overall, this album is a great body of work and as mentioned earlier, it is Kirk Franklin’s best material to date.

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