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Top 10 up-and-comers who are taking the Gospel scene by storm

The Gospel scene is still music’s best kept secret, but it’s growing quickly and there is some truly great content out there. Here we look at the acts who are tipped for big things in the near future.

J Vessel

He has a host of independent single and video releases plus a MOBO nomination at just 17 years of age. Now, in 2015, and managed by his Dad DJ Kelechi, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for what J decides to bring next. He just dropped his latest single ‘Take it to the World’ which features Dwayne Tryumf.

Check it out here: 

Becca Folkes

Becca Folkes is pretty new on the scene but you wouldn't be able to tell, with a soulful voice that just captivates from the offset. If her work rate matches her talent then 2015 will be a great one for her. Having already collaborated with seasoned UK Gospel artist Jahaziel, she's set to make even more giant strides this year.

Check out her brand new single ‘Outta Control’ here: 

A Star

The 26 year-old MC showed his quality with the hit track 'DFMB' which was undoubtedly one of the biggest hits to come out of UK Gospel in recent times. He’s worked the single fantastically - the original, a remix, an EP and a French remix having been released all within the last 12 months! This year has been his busiest, playing festivals up and down the country.

Check out the French remix that got us all moving here: 

Kristyna Myles

The Leicestershire-born songstress came to prominence when she won BBC Radio 5’s Busk Lounge. Since then she’s signed a major record deal, been nominated for a MOBO, put out an album produced by Grammy-winner Ken Nelson (who's worked for Coldplay), and she’s blessed us with various live music sessions. If things carry on going the way they are, Kristyna is set to be a trailblazer.

Check out 'Heaven Knows' here:


We know the term 'dynamic duo' is a bit cheesy...but they really are! They have grime and rap in the locker and they are incredibly in tune with street culture, something that can be rare in Christendom. We’re excited for what they could achieve outside of the walls of the Church, without conforming.

Twelve 24 

The Manchester-based pop band have managed to capture an edgier audience in the past few months with their single ‘Higher’ making waves on the underground circuit. A constant feature at festivals up and down the country, Twelve 24 are definitely ones to watch. 

Here’s 'Higher' - enjoy!


We’ve seen something of resurgence from this veteran MC. After leaving Commission and turning his attention from grime to rap, he has just released a pretty impressive EP. He’s all about the art form and finding organic ways to promote and perform his music. A breath of fresh air.

Check out 'Broken Violins' here:

Hawk House 

With Gospel planted deep in the roots of this band, many anticipate with great eagerness what they will achieve in the near future. A record deal with Virgin EMI has been penned along with an amazing visual. The future looks very bright indeed for the band, who have been compared to legendary group The Fugees.

Find the highly experimental 'Chill Pill' here:

John Givez 

The Christian rap world hasn’t seen natural talent like this for a really long time. There have been Kendrick Lamar comparisons already and Johnny Givez isn’t even out of first gear yet. With co-signs from the likes of Grammy award-winning Lecrae, let’s see what the youngster from California can deliver. 

Here’s a track that you just have to listen to in order to realise it doesn’t need an introduction!


Not many people can keep their Christian fans whilst gaining mainstream attention. SPZRKT pronounced ‘Spazzy Rocket’ has done just that. Loved just as much by non-Christians, he makes good music first and foremost, all with a heart to inspire people.

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