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If you have any interest in urban Gospel music here in the UK it’s a debate that you may have found yourself involved in at some point this year.... More

Our lives are spent searching for something to complete us, but often we confuse the something with a someone that we think can fill the vacant... More

This video is really simple yet effective. If you're like me you'll find it very inspiring.  More

Often times, situations that we go through require us to look for the answers to the complex equations of life.  More

This week I cam across an amazing song which encouraged me and made me realise that our faith can make us brave. More

How was your summer? Good weather, spare time, holidays? Or was it bad weather, no time, and no holidays? Whatever the weather, we usually think... More

So it’s that time of the year again where we debate for hours on end about who should get nominated for the prestigious Gospel MOBO award. For... More

I remember stumbling across a bible verse a few years back that completely blew my mind and changed my perspective on everything I did. More

Living in fast-paced London, you quickly begin to realise that hardly any one strolls. On the underground, on the streets, whilst driving, it... More

Whilst on my way to the Premier Gospel HQ this morning, I came across a poster by the charity ‘Samaritans’.   More

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