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With a new album under his belt, it only seemed right for S.O. to do another headline gig in London. It was only his second ever one and the... More

New Year’s Eve has become a pretty big thing. It’s a chance to bring in a new season in style but as ever, the world uses that notion and puts... More

Along with the likes of Mary Mary and Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin is one of the most recognised Gospel musicians of our time.  Anybody who avidly... More

Not many have worked as hard as A Star this year. A few would regard him as an extremely hard working and cutting edge newcomer. The truth is... More

Along with Dwayne Tryumf and Jahaziel, Guvna B is probably the most recognised Christian rap artist within the UK. As one of the pioneers of... More

We’re nearing the end of 2015 and what a year it has been for Gospel music. The genre we know and love so much has showed no signs of slowing... More

How many of us have heard the phrase ‘seek the Lord in your youth?’  For those who were raised in the Church, the answer is probably a countless... More

I saw this picture on Instagram yesterday and felt really challenged by it. Pride is something that’s been on my mind a lot recently. Don’t you... More

Israel Houghton is one of the most established Christian artists of our time. His unique gifting results in him being able to seamlessly manoeuvre between... More

One of the biggest on-going debates in the history of Gospel music is whether Christian artists should collaborate with mainstream artists. Thousands... More

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