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Happi is a a unique artist. He has the ability to sing and rap and has very much made his own lane he chooses to reside in. Happi is a young... More

We caught up with inspirational award-winning musician Mali Music for a 4 part interview series on some great talking topics. Mali who is signed... More

We take a look at one of the best EP's from the decade. This EP – if I had to describe it in two words – would be: epic, amazing. This really... More

The 2015 Oscar nominations have made the headlines for the second year running because of their failure to include black actors. That would mean... More

Taking into consideration the vastness of the black conscious movement and its effects on the Pentecostal Church, here are a few things to consider... More

Over the years there has been an ever-growing increase in the interest of African Spirituality within the black community, which in part has... More

After topping the Christian charts, Guvna B showcased his new album, Secret World, by headlining a show at the o2 Academy Islington.  The night... More

Towards the end of the year, the gym tends to be near enough empty in comparison to what it’s like in January. If you’ve set a new year’s resolution... More

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