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Feb 2018 was the last time Joshua Luke Smith was on Hip Hop Sessions so a little catch up was much needed.Joshua Luke Smith is a poet, rapper, and producer who creates from the mandate to 'Speak Into The... More

Will you give Jermaine Dallas your church choir to practice his choir direction? He reveals a secret desire to be a choir director and the fact that Yinka, the Gospel Breakfast show host, used to be a... More

Madeline Kerzner spoke to famous worship leader who is given a vision of heaven while on her death bed. More

Award-Winning Gospel Artist opens up about sexual abuse that drove her to pornography. Listen to her... More

'I was food shopping when Sade called me'.... More

No schooling, raped & begged on the streets to survive More

Not afraid to talk about God anyone More

My siblings were dark & I was being questioned. More

Did things I shouldn't have done. More

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