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As the Church is facing a lot of back lash recently on its sheer silence over race and diversity issue, Emma who also recently encountered racial bullying and oppression has joined the call to get church... More

Charles catches up with the artist that featured in the maiden Vuyela concert in London  is the phenomenal French singer that has taken the world by storm with her songs in local African dialects More

Theo Manderson & Ibe Giantkiller discuss whether you're allowed to be depressed as Christian.Listen back to the full show: https://www.premiergospel.org.uk/Shows/Weekdays/Your-Shout/Episodes/Your-Shou... More

Feb 2018 was the last time Joshua Luke Smith was on Hip Hop Sessions so a little catch up was much needed.Joshua... More

Will you give Jermaine Dallas your church choir to practice his choir direction? He reveals a secret... More

Madeline Kerzner spoke to famous worship leader who is given a vision of heaven while on her death b... More

Award-Winning Gospel Artist opens up about sexual abuse that drove her to pornography. Listen to her... More

‘The UK is at great place right now where so many talented artists are coming up and realising you can... More

Blogger Penny Jarrett, who just got featured on the latest edition of STYLIST magazine, speaks about... More

Juanita Francis is a Youth Pastor and praise and worship leader at Ruach City Church. She is the first... More

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