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Emotional Groom says he had given up on love

Last week a very special video went viral. The world watched Gabriel Deku overwhelmed with emotion, at the sight of his bride-to-be Annabella as she walked down the aisle on their wedding day.

Both parties admit that Gabriel is not the sensitive emotional type, in fact he was confident that he would remain dry-eyed throughout their church ceremony. Whilst speaking to Premier Gospel’s Lady T last Friday (12th June), Gabriel reveals that he went into the ceremony with the mentality that as a 'man' he would have to "hold it together", so he didn’t prepare himself for what was about to take place.


So what's the story?

The Christian couple patiently pursued a relationship with the objective to make it last; having experienced the heart ache of past unsuccessful relationships. Check out their exclusive interview with Lady T, where they open up about the impact that their faith had on their decision to spend the rest of their lives together, by clicking play below:


You can also take another look at the video here.

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