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Artist Spotlight: Marizu

There's a new crop of Jesus-loving musical artists that God is raising in this era. They are young,hip, audacious, ever willing to push the boundaries of creativity, and ultimately challenge the status quo. Nigerian born Marizu is part of this elite group of emerging young talent.

Akosua DF: Coming from a musical family did you ever feel the ‘pressure’ to veer into music?

Marizu: No, I never did, my parents were very supportive with whatever I chose to do and it was something I came to love on my own.

Akosua DF: “Never the same” from the new EP sounds like your testimony? Can you share a bit of your story with us?

Marizu: Yeah sure, I used to struggle with a lot of things, from my academics to my relationships but when I developed a personal relationship with Christ everything changed. I found myself serving and being more involved in the things of God and that’s how I started making music and everything else turned around for my good.

Akosua DF:  And the people of God said Amen. [Chuckles] Congrats on the new EP “Deity.” What would you like listeners to take away from this project?

Marizu: I would like anyone listening to know that there’s so much more to this life that God has called us to live. He wants us to be conscious of who we are and the life He has given us. I would like them to know that everything has already been prepared for us to live a life of joy and peace. So, we don’t have to struggle or take on those burdens anymore because He is with us now.

Akosua DF: Well, you better preach sir! Let’s talk about your music collaborations. You’ve been blessed to collaborate with a number of incredible artists. Which collaboration would you say is your favourite? Yes, I am putting you on the spot & probably going to get you into trouble as well, but you're not allowed to plead the fifth. [Laughs]

Marizu: [Laughs] Okay, I’ve really enjoyed my songs with Limoblaze, Nolly, Mayo and Calledout Music to name a few.

Akosua DF: Although the Nigerian gospel industry is booming, it’s very much saturated with praise & worship artists/music. The likes of yourself & Limoblaze have charted a different path; releasing music with the gospel message rather than the gospel sound. How can the church/gospel community bridge the gap between the traditionally accepted church sound & the progressive modern sounds of the younger generation?

Marizu: I think it is already happening now, especially in many Youth churches around the world. There are young people coming out with amazing sounds from different genres of music and that is because the mandate is to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make music that Christians will enjoy listening to regardless of the mood they’re in. I believe this will be even more prominent in the coming years.

Akosua DF: What are the top 5 songs on your Spotify/iTunes playlist?

Marizu: I’ve been listening to Limo’s new album and CalledOut’s new Ep and also Greatman Takit. I can’t really point out the top 5 songs but I’m sure it’s from them.

Akosua DF: So, what’s next for Marizu?

Marizu: My aim is to create songs that glorify God and so I’ll be doing a lot more of that after this Ep, so there’ll be more projects coming.

Listen to Marizu’s new EP “Deity,” here

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter
Thursday 15 July 2021

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