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Big Brother Naija’s Khafi to team up with Theo Manderson for Premier Gospel’s “Naked Love Podcast”

National Marriage Week is coming up and Premier Gospel coincidentally has a brand-new relationship podcast launching that same week, Monday 10th May.

Presented by Premier Gospel’s Theo Manderson and Actress/Presenter/Author and star of Big Brother Naija 2019 – Khafi (aka A Cup of Khafi), the “Naked Love” podcast will also be broadcast on Premier Gospel at 9pm on Sundays. This week I caught with Khafi to find out how she is finding life as a newlywed plus get the scoop on the new podcast.

Akosua DF: For any of our readers who may not know you, tell us a bit about yourself Khafi?

Khafi: I’m Khafi - (aka A Cup of Khafi) and I got that nickname simply because I always try to spread positivity. There is so much going on in the world right now and we all need that daily dose of positivity. I host “Khafi Prays” every day at 7:30 am on my YouTube channel where a group of us called the “Khafinated prayer warriors” meet and pray for each other and for the world. It’s such a powerful thing to have brethren praying together. I try to infuse God into everything that I do, whether that’s presenting or acting – just spread that positivity.

Akosua DF: I like that … Yes we all need a dose of positivity everyday. You got married during the pandemic. Tell us how you managed to pull that off given all the COVID restrictions?
Khafi: Yes I did. Honestly we just had to go for a registry wedding. We had a venue booked and had even paid some of our vendors but had to keep putting off the wedding because of the severity of the pandemic. At some point we asked ourselves whether our marriage was about us and God, or other people. After careful consideration we decided to get married privately. My mum and our families weren’t even there, but we hope to have a big celebration with everyone once all the restrictions are lifted.
Akosua DF: What have you learnt about your husband during marriage that you didn’t know whilst courting?
Khafi: Hmmmm that’s a good question you know. I feel like marriage just unmasks things - just like we are unmasking things in the “Naked Love” podcast. I haven’t necessarily learnt anything new about my husband but rather, everything I knew before is now accentuated. And I love him the more for it! 

Akosua DF: How has your faith in God shaped and helped your marriage?
Khafi: It’s given us the resolve to keep at this journey together. In my first week of marriage, I had this kind of sinking feeling that this was it. It dawned on me that this was forever. Our faith enables us to have God at the helm of everything. Our arguments don’t end with us, it’s always about what God wants and says.

Akosua DF: Very true.Tell us about this exciting new podcast that you’ll be co-presenting with Theo Manderson on Premier Gospel?

Khafi: I’m really excited about it. It’s all about love and I think love is one of the most discussed topics these days. The Naked Love Podcast is just about us being very ‘naked’ about the topic of love and discussing it in-depth. We’re going to get very intimate, raw, and personal with information that will hopefully help other people.

Akosua DF: What can listeners expect from the podcast episodes?

Khafi: Truth, the naked truth about love and marriage – [laughs] We’ll invite experts to tackle specialist subject matters so listeners can send in any questions they have. There’ll be short radio dramas at the start of each episode so that should be fun. 

Akosua DF: What’s your target audience for the podcast? The churched? Married folk?

Khafi: It’s for everyone. Our conversations will always be from a biblical perspective but there will be something in it for everyone. There aren’t many avenues to have frank relationship conversations so we hope that this podcast would create a platform for that.

Akosua DF: Before I let you go, I’m keen to know what you’d like people to take away from the podcast?

Khafi: I want people to know that healthy relationships do exist and that long-lasting marriages are still possible. The press constantly publicizes marital scandals and rarely portray good healthy marriages. We want to debunk those misconceptions. Love is still possible.

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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