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Bishop TD Jakes returns to Lifetime TV with “Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story”

In describing his brand-new TV movie “Lust,” Bishop TD Jakes says: “It’s anything but Sunday school. It’s powerful, it’s provocative…..it’s got some of everything in it..” Known for movies such as Woman thou art loosed, Miracles from Heaven and Heaven is for real, “Lust” is a far cry from any of his previous movies.

Based on Victoria Christopher Murray’s “Seven Deadly Sins” anthology book series, “Lust” tells the story of church girl Tiffanie Cooper (played by Keri Hilson) whose world comes crashing down when her fiancé’s ex-con friend (played by RnB singer Tank) returns to town to stand in as best man for her wedding. Tiffanie’s lustful fantasies lead to an affair, and ultimately destroy her relationship. A broken engagement is the wake-up call for Tiffanie to return to her church roots. The story of redemption plays out in the tail end of the movie as Tiffanie rededicates her life to Christ and re-embarks on her christian walk.

In an interview with BlackFilmandTV.com Bishop Jakes said: “It’s a cautionary tale and you want people to be on the alert against bad choices but bigger than that, it’s also an opportunity to show that you don’t have to be a bad person to make a bad choice..”

"Lust is for a moment, life is for a lifetime and you don't want something for a moment to destroy your lifetime. Our choices can determine the outcome of the rest our lives. Sometimes you don't get a second chance.." ~ Bishop TD Jakes

Envy and Greed are the next two Lifetime TV movies by Bishop Jakes.

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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