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Chandler Moore causes stir with “controversial picture”

Maverick City Music’s frontman Chandler Moore is officially off the market. The singer/songwriter tied the knot with stylist Hannah Poole in Fort Worth Texas last week, just 365 days after meeting her.

If you’re still trying to muster the courage to “shoot your shot” on social media, hopefully Chandler Moore’s story will inspire you. Moore shared that he slid into Poole’s DM’s requesting her styling services. A friendship and whirlwind romance ensued shortly thereafter, Moore popped the question on his 26th birthday weekend and the rest as they say, is history.

The Moore’s exchanged their vows in front of a close-knit crowd of family and friends including gospel great Kirk Franklin and wife TammyIsrael and Adrienne Houghton and worship leader Todd Galberth, amongst others.

Excited fans on social media gushed over Moore & Poole’s wedding snaps however one “questionable” picture seems to have divided Moore’s followers, causing a war of words in the comments section of his Instagram post. 

Instagram user @jrdawson89 posted: “Such a huge fan such an anointing on your life congratulations on your marriage. It’s a beautiful thing… the second pic though? We are going from worshiping in spirit filled revival sessions with you on Jireh, Wait on You and Build your Church to the entire world seeing you and your wife in the 2nd pic!...Just disappointed that you felt the world should see you in that way. Keep some private…”

Israel Houghton’s attempt to defend Moore was met with strong criticism as fans turned on him, with some harshly bringing up his own past moral failings.

“People are really sitting here calling others judgmental for calling certain things out. This man is a leader and sets examples for others. No one is saying he can’t have fun, but some things should be left private and off your platform as a leader,” posted Instagram user @anicole.j.

We can’t ignore the truth that every christian has a responsibility to represent Christ well and ensure that the Lord’s name is not brought into disrepute. Christian leaders with large public platforms and influence are more prone to public scrutiny therefore have a greater responsibility to walk out their faith in a Christ exalting manner. 

To borrow Apostle Paul’s words “..All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient...” (1 Corinthians 10:23a) ~ Selah

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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