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“Churches are very expensive entities to maintain” says “The Money Maker” host - Eric Collins

Channel 4’s “The Money Maker” has proven to be a viewer favourite since hitting our screens on 4th May. The “Dragons Den” style show with a positive spin, sees serial entrepreneur Eric Collins invest in a selected number of businesses with the sole aim of turning them around.

Named by the Power-list and Financial times as one of the most powerful Black and BAME business people in the UK, Collins has over twenty years experience as a businessman and investor under his belt.

Central to his life is his Christian faith which governs and influences his business decisions.“My purpose is to make sure that I am working with people to create opportunities, not just for themselves, but for whole communities to empower them …” he said in a recent interview with Premier Gospel

As lockdown measures ease and more churches open their doors, the next major task for pastors and leaders is to devise and apply strategies to help their ministries bounce back from the recent economic downturn. Human capital is key to every organisation, and when asked how churches should recruit in the “post-lockdown era,” Collins highlighted the importance of augmenting soft skills with technical skills similar to those in the corporate world.“I try and talk to people who are part of the world of making capital available to underwrite programmes. I want people who are not only grant writers but people who think about business models that a church can use that doesn’t interrupt it’s faith but is able to utilise that to fund its activity,” he said.

The past year has seen churches leverage technology to reach Sunday audiences outside the usual local church membership demographic. According to Collins the next level for virtual churches is the immersive experience, making people feel as though they were actually in the service.  

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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