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Donnie McClurkin’s Anniversary Concert: the Review you didn’t Know you Needed

“Yes Christians also get depressed”, Donnie McClurkin said whilst testifying about where God had brought him from as he introduced his new song.  His transparency was commendable and deeply appreciated. It was timely for me, and I’m sure for the thousands that attended the sold out shows. Throughout both nights, Donnie encouraged us to Stand despite all of life’s storms, and reminded us that There is God who was the same yesterday, as He is today, tomorrow and forever. It was a praise and worship experience that will stay with me forever.

As a big fan of Gospel Music, I was excited to have my first “American gospel” experience. I was ready for God to Speak to my Heart and obviously to shout with my voice as well as my feet until I could no more! I was in for a treat though…. Not only did he give us the American praise and worship experience, Donnie gave us a complete international worship tour, all without leaving Southeast London. He took us from the West to the East and South of Africa, with a final stop in… you’ve guessed it - the Caribbean with his timeless Caribbean Medley. Through it all, it reinforced the fact that irrespective of race, colour, or gender, the God we serve is still God - and His Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross Just for Me and for everyone else in the world.

We fall down and fall short of God’s glory, but in those moments that we make a mistake, even if it’s on stage during a live recording, Great is His mercy towards us! There was a Word from God in every segment of the night! God is a God of second, third, fourth, however-many-times-it-takes-you-to-get-the-lyrics-right-to-a-song-you-learnt-the-night-before chances. And in those moments when you feel like you have to start again, “I need You” and “I’ll trust You Lord”, are the simple words you need to get back up again.

Simply put, 20 years on from Donnie McClurkin’s first live recording in London, the two nights of celebrations were full of life and joy. I came in wondering, “Can anybody hear me?” But I left with the knowledge that God does, and with a burning desire to know the Lord better. God speaks to whoever is ready to seek Him, and That’s What I Believe.

Abigail Hitimana is a 24 year old creative that loves musical theatre and maths

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