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Gospel’s “Sweetheart” Kierra Sheard is COGIC’s new Vice President of Music

Kierra Sheard has been dazzling us with her multioctave-range vocals since the age of 9 when she was fondly called Kiki. Her professional recording debut on mum Karen Clark Sheard’s “Finally Karen” project, won her a Stellar Award for Best Children’s Performance. 

Eight solo projects later (including EP’s and mix tapes), Kierra has risen to become one of gospel’s most respected voices within the gospel and mainstream music fraternities. Whether it’s foot stomping black church tunes, hip-hop infused contemporary sounds, heaven breathed worship anthems or straight up gospel jams, three things are guaranteed from the star; a flawless vocal delivery, spine tingling squalls and possibly a few tears.

Kierra’s rich gospel heritage is well documented. Her mother Karen is a member of the legendary Clark “sanging” sisters and her grandmother; Dr Mattie Moss Clark, was the director of COGIC’s music department for over twenty years. Grammy nominated Kierra is walking in her grandmother’s shoes and living out her legacy. The recently appointed VP of COGIC music will serve the global denomination under the leadership of Dr Myron Wiliams – the newly appointed President of COGIC music. 

Kierra isn't the only Sheard serving COGIC in an official capacity. The singer recently took to Instagram to share her excitement following her father’s Quadrennial inauguration. “What a wonderful night! God is faithful and I am blessed to have @bishopdrewsheard as my father and leader. Just wow! I don’t know what to say. This is so epic! We have a man who loves the Lord, loves God’s people, and has no desire to be crooked in any way. Thank God for integral leaders! #COGIC Lord continue to strengthen him in body and in spirit! Be with him all the days of his life! In Jesus’ name Amen! I’m so proud of you Daddy and Mommy!” she posted.

Watch her interview with Premier Gospel here:

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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