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"I Was Heading To Prison" Says Evangelist Daniel Chand

Evangelist Daniel Chand is a man with an incredible testimony, from heading to prison to honouring his duties on the pulpit, he's a great example of how God can turn someones life around

His ministry, Walking Like Jesus, has attracted people from all over and continues to be a solid support for those new to the faith and more mature

This year they're back with their Tent Revival and it's set to be a week full of worship, breakthroughs and spiritual revivals - something many are desparately in need of after a year and a half of being locked down

In this recent interview with Cassandra, Chand talks all about the power iof the revival, shares part of his testimony and talks in to how to organically grow a racially diverse minitry

Watch here:

For more information on the ten revival click here

LIVE 10:00 - 14:00

With - Muyiwa

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