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IT'S COMING HOME: 5 Footballers Who Have Proudly Proclaimed Their Christian Faith

The UEFA Euro 2020 has provided some much-needed relief and created a sense of unity across the country as we continue to recover from the pandemic. Football fans have gathered to honour their traditions, whether it's hanging flags from their houses or meeting friends to watch the game and chanting "it's coming home" repeatedly.

To celebrate the final week of the tournament, we have taken a dive into the world of football. Here are four footballers who have proudly proclaimed their Christianity and given glory to God while in the game.

1. John Bostock

Former Crystal Palace and Spurs midfielder John Bostock is a proud Christian and has created a space for people of faith in the industry. Bostock founded Ballers in God, an organisation that unites Christian football players and professionals, allowing them to connect and fellowship.


2. Marcus Rashford MBE

England player Marcus Rashford MBE has been a champion for change in recent years. In addition to playing for England and Manchester United, Rashford campaigned throughout the pandemic to make sure vulnerable children didn’t go hungry while at home, his work led to him securing an MBE. 

Speaking to the Guardian, Rashford mentioned his faith, he said: “Yeah, definitely. My mum is very religious. It’s not that we practise it all the time, but sometimes the faith we have in God is shown by the people that we are. 

‘For me and my family, that’s definitely the case. If you could see our lives 15-20 years ago to where we are now, it’s impossible not to have faith in God and all he does for us.” 

3. Odion Ighalo

Nigerian footballer Odion Ighalo has had a hugely successful footballing career - he has played for Watford and most recently Manchester United. Last year, Ighalo tweeted on Easter and confirmed that he is a Christian. His tweet reads: “CHRIST is Risen! Hallelujah.” 

4. Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge has spent over a decade playing for British football teams, he spent a lot of time in the Premier League, playing for clubs such as Chelsea and Liverpool.

Sturridge has always been open about his faith and in 2014, he posted a picture on social media that proclaimed his love for Jesus. Alongside the image, Sturridge’s tweet reads: “Not ashamed to tell the world. I'm blessed and I thank God for all that has come my way. Giving God the glory always.”


5. Thiago Silva

Brazilian footballer Thiago Silva is known for being part of Brazil’s national team. Silva recently made the transition to British football and joined Premier League club Chelsea.

Silva has been open about his faith on many occasions and gave thanks to God via social media when his team won the Champions League earlier this year.

The tweet reads: “God is great, he never fails. If you have a dream, run after it, because it’s never too late to make it truth!!” 

Written by Hannah Lovejoy, Premier Gospel Presenter

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