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Isaac Carree shares “lessons learned” from Diddy and Tim McGraw

If you’ve seen footage from Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Tour or Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul World Tour, chances are you may have spotted a familiar face from the gospel community; Isaac Carree.

Speaking to Premier Gospel about the opportunity with DiddyCarree said: “..I asked God, after almost 30 years of doing gospel music why would this door open now?” 

Stellar award winning Carree got his first break in the 90’s as a member of John P Kee’s New Life Community Choir, later leaving the choir to join male gospel group - Men of Standard. His 2011 debut release “Uncommon Me” charted at No 1 in the Billboard gospel charts as did his sophomore project “Reset,” released two years later.

It would be seven years before fans would get another Carree album. In an interview with Billboard, Carree shared: “..I didn’t feel myself evolving within my genre. I felt like I was doing the work. I just felt like I was laterally moving versus vertically moving. I started getting a little disappointed and feeling a little anxiety and a little fear. I wanted to take a break and recalibrate, fix some things.”

It’s during this solo career break that the gig with Diddy landed on his lap followed by the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill world tour. “I saw production at another level, I saw professionalism at another level. I saw millionaires almost billionaires be humble, something I don’t always see in my own genre. I was able to watch and learn,” he said in an interview with Premier Gospel.

Carree’s 2020 project “No Risk No Reward” encapsulates his musical journey over the last few years. The musicality of the project is varied ranging from country tracks “Woman Song” and “Juke Joint Interlude,” to the bluesy “What Kind of Man,” the 90’s hip hop flavoured “Love Affair” and the 90’s RnB slow jam “Amen.”

Sharing with Premier Gospel about lessons learned from Puff and Tim McGraw, Carree said: “He (Puff) is relentless when it comes to perfection. He gives you his best.. I see a lot of times when you’re gifted and talented we allow our gift to be enough. There is a level that you can push to be great. Puffy was great. In Tim McGraw I saw a level of humility that I’d never seen before. I’ve seen people change with success and money. Change is necessary but it shouldn’t change the core of who you are. It opened my eyes to see that you can be successful and wealthy and still be approachable and lovable. I asked God to allow that to jump on me.”

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

Watch the interview here: 

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