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Justin Bieber bares his soul on New Gospel EP – “Freedom”

The gospel music space was flooded with new releases from our favourite artists this Easter, but possibly the most surprising release was the debut gospel offering - “Freedom,” from multi-platinum recording pop star Justin Bieber.

Fan favourite Justin Bieber pulled a Beyonce on Easter Sunday, dropping his first full length gospel project. The 27-year-old’s faith-walk has been well documented and scrutinised by mainstream media, with footage of his baptism and Hillsong church sightings going viral. In the wake of the Carl Lentz/Hillsong scandal, Bieber parted ways with the church and joined Judah Smith’s Churchome.

Smith is featured on the Freedom EP alongside Maverick City’s Chandler Moore and Grammy winner Tory Kelly. Freedom allows fans to eavesdrop on some of Bieber’s personal conversations with God whilst simultaneously taking them on a journey through the young star’s life.  From the raw and honest All She Wrote - “God can you use imperfect people cos I’m broken through and through I’m a mess but I’m trying to grow,” to the testimony - We’re in this together, on which Bieber sings and raps about his past mistakes including the FBI raid on his LA mansion, the star colourfully paints his life story climaxing with the poignant Where you go I follow. Bieber emphatically declares: “On the third day you rose up and you beat death once and for all. There’s nobody like you Jesus there’ll never be nobody like you Jesus.”

Unafraid to address pop-culture issues, Bieber tackles the subject of “Cancel culture” on the acoustic track - Afraid to Say singing: “What have we done with society when everybody is getting cancelled. Can’t there be room for maturity cos writing them off is not the answer.” The song ends with a recitation of Psalm 139 :13-16. 

The 22-minute project from Bieber will likely appeal to his large christian fanbase, however radical Christians desiring evidence of a “Damascus road type conversion” may have to wait a while longer.

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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