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Ja Rule admits to struggling with Christianity

Fri 18 Jul 2014
By Isaac Borquaye

World renowned Hip Hop artist Ja Rule, has confessed to giving his life to Jesus but struggling with aspects of Christianity.  

The American rapper explains that he found his faith after listening to Carl Lentz preach at Hillsong Church New York.

“When I went to jail and came home, I kind of reconnected with God. When I saw the Pastor, he had jays on, jeans, and a shirt but he started to preach. That spoke to me. Me and my wife got saved. It gave us a good feeling.”

Whilst Christianity and the method of Carl Lentz preaching seems to have impacted the rapper greatly, it seems as though there are parts of the faith that Ja Rule is really struggling to get to grips with. “I started to become friends with Carl, and I said to him that I don’t know how to take this because you know what I do for a living. I’m not about to start making gospel music. He told me to take baby steps and to walk in my path.”

It’s encouraging to see Ja Rule making encouraging steps towards faith and he’ll remain in our prayers.

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