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Sunday Best contestant loses temper with Kim Burrell

Mon 21 Jul 2014
By Isaac Borquaye

Kim Burrell and fellow judge Donnie McClurkin received a firm telling off from an upset Sunday best contestant.

Dennis Christopher wasn’t impressed when after his audition, Kim Burrell and Donnie McClurkin started laughing in what can only be described as a private joke.


Mr Christopher took offence and proceeded to challenge the pair ont heir actions. “Kim Burrell, I want to let y’all know this. I think it is very rude and disrespectful for y’all to be up here laughing like that because I used my rent money and everything and for y’all to be sitting up here disrespectful like that and laughing, that is so wrong,” Brigham said. “I been stop liking you last year.”


Fiesty! They certainly got put in their place. Check out the full video here.

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