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We Are The NHS

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   There are a wide range of exciting and rewarding job opportunities available in the NHS across England. You can make a difference to the lives of patients every day by working for the NHS.

We speak to Allied Health Professionals working for the NHS about their roles and what they enjoy most about their jobs.

Kudzai Musamba, Diagnostic Radiographer at Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital

My role as a radiographer was to acquire high-quality images that help medical specialists and doctors diagnose or monitor a patient’s injury or illness.

“After I completed a diagnostic radiography course and two years’ work experience, I applied to specialise in ultrasound.

“I’ve now got a new role as a sonographer at the same hospital, doing scans for pregnant patients to check the viability of pregnancies and assess foetal wellbeing.  

“Working for the NHS has given me the opportunity to use my skills to benefit people in a direct, visible way. I love that there’s a strong team working ethos, with people supporting each other.”

Teniola Ibrahim, Orthoptist at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

I always knew I wanted to work within a healthcare setting, I did some research about possible healthcare careers and came across the role of an orthoptist. An orthoptist treats both adults and children with eye movement disorders.

“Seeing the difference we make to patients’ quality of life by treating their double vision, improving the vision in a lazy eye and managing squints is really satisfying and rewarding.

“Every day I face new challenges in my role and I love that because it makes my job all the more interesting.”

If you’re interested in finding out what opportunities are available Search NHS jobs.

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