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Reconstructed Vol.1

Artist: Jesus Culture

Released: Mar 2014

Rating: 4/5

There are two separate parties involved in the production of Reconstructed Vol. 1. In the red corner, coming out of Redding, California (2008 – present) Oh Snap It’s Luke! is the electronic dance project of Lucas Hogg. In the blue corner, also coming out of Redding, California (2006 – present) Jesus Culture is a Christian band that aims to – in their words –

“…awakening hearts to worship and demonstrate the love and power of God wherever we go.”

The band members include (and it’s a doozy): Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala with Ian McIntosh playing keys, Jeffrey Kunde as lead guitarist, Brandon Aaronson as bassist, Josh Fisher as drummer, and Skyler Smith as acoustic guitarist.

The album is a combination of all artists’ efforts and, I must say, it comes together pretty darn well in my opinion. The songs on this album were previously released by Jesus Culture but given a modernised, younger, electronic sound by Oh Snap It’s Luke. With the likes of Andy Mineo and Je’kob (artists leading the pack in Christian/Gospel music created to be more significant to a younger audience), the Reconstructed Vol. 1 album has emerged as a pack leader in its own right.

You can expect to hear the fundamental elements of electronic music in this album including (but not limited to): trance, house, dubstep, electro, and ambient/chill-out. The first song that really resonated in my mind was ‘He Is the Light’; it is a declaration of faith that is made more poignant by the chill-out/dubstep style used. The first and last words of a song will usually stick in one’s mind, and the first line of ‘He is the light’ is:

“I feel the nations and the earth are shaking, there is no power that can match His greatness…”

You can see that they are unapologetically proclaiming the name of God, which with a blend of a modern electronic sound, makes it something you can listen to with friends, in a car, or at a house party.

‘King of All the Earth’ is full of trance gates, drops, four-bar melodies, chill-out sessions and more. It sounds exactly like something you would hear in a nightclub in London’s Oxford Circus on a nippy Saturday night, except the message is again proclaiming the name of God with an utterly impressive voice from Katie Torwalt (vocalist for Jesus Culture).

I personally hold the belief that one of the best ways to get youth involved in the Church, and in Jesus, is to speak their language. This album does just that and in good taste to boot. I would recommend this album especially to youth workers that want to connect and gain a deeper understanding of the youth today. It may be ‘different’ or alien, but it’s some of thebest kind of ‘different’ you will hear.

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