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Sadiq Khan Says Vaccine Is Safe

The billion dollar question in most circles these days is whether to vax or not, and the Mayor of London has now added his voice to the conversation. According to the historyofvaccines.org timeline, vaccines date back to 1000 CE and have safely been administered ever since. Science and research show that vaccines have contributed to the eradication of many diseases across the globe.

Unlike other vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine has become a controversial subject with plausible arguments both for and against it.

In a recent interview with Premier Gospel, Sadiq Khan shared his worries about the BAME community’s position as pertains to the COVID-19 vaccine. He said: “…the heart-breaking thing is those communities suffering this virus the most are BAME communities, yet they appear to be the most hesitant to receiving the vaccine when eligible…”

The BAME community’s lack of confidence in institutions is well documented and can be traced back to the use of Africa as a testing ground for medicines over the years and the 1932 Tuskegee syphilis trials.

Contrary to molecular biologist Dr Garrick’s opinion that there isn’t sufficient data to support the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, Khan is confident that the vaccine is a life and game changer. High-profile individuals who have received the vaccine include the Archbishop of Canterbury - Justin Welby, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Queen.

With a third of nurses in the UK contemplating leaving the profession plus reports of shortages in hospital beds due to COVID-19, the government is in a race to save the crippling NHS. Sadiq Khan is appealing to church leaders to join hands with the government and use their influence to help debunk the myths surrounding the vaccine and ultimately encourage congregants to get vaccinated.

The question remains – To vax or not?

Written by Akosua Dwomo-Fokuo, Premier Gospel Presenter

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