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Spin it or Bin it: “Gospel songs can be bad too,” says Praiseworld Radio’s Tola Omoniyi

Ever heard a gospel song played on radio and scratched your head wondering why the artist invested their hard-earned coins to book studio time? Okay maybe that’s a tad bit harsh, but surely you’ve heard a song and asked yourself whether that was the final mixed and mastered version?

This week I stumbled across a hilariously truthful video on Praiseworld’s Instagram page; which initiated some equally side-splitting conversations within my gospel media network. Giving a gospel artist feedback on a “not so great song” which they believe is Grammy worthy, requires skill and tact. After all, no one wants to crush an artist’s spirit plus gospel music isn’t meant to be judged as though the artist were vying for the title of The Voice UK or X Factor winner.

According to Praiseworld Radio founder, Tola Omoniyi: “A song that lacks good delivery and quality production, doesn't automatically get a pass mark just because it contains gospel lyrics. The notion that gospel music cannot be criticized due to poor quality speaks volumes of mediocrity.”

Reflecting on her Oxford radio days, radio and podcast host - Lady T said: “I remember years ago when I was back in Oxford, myself and my Co-presenter would play songs...Gospel songs, live on air and would rate if they were good or not. We had some really bad ones and had to give our honest opinions. It was spin or bin.”

Whilst I appreciate that creatives are jealously passionate about their craft, constructive criticism is necessary for growth. “Excellence requires discomfort ~TD Jakes.” The importance of honing one’s skills can never be overemphasised but sadly the word “skill” is almost a slur in circles where “the anointing breaks the yoke,” is the more dominant phrase.

You can’t read Isaiah 61:1, Isaiah 10:27 which both highlight the importance of the anointing, yet gloss over Exodus 36:1, 1 Chronicles 15:22, 1 Chronicles 25:6&7 - which speak about skill.

“And now abide anointing, skill, excellence, these three; but the greatest of these is ….” (1 Corinthians 13:13 - The Gospel Artist’s Version)

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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