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Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley and Kierron Franklin’s mother weigh in on Kirk Franklin’s expletive outburst

This week the media was hit with the bombshell that gospel icon Kirk Franklin cusses - *Inserts shock and horror emoji*. Given that there are more news worthy stories, it was fascinating to see Kirk’s verbal bust up with his son go viral. 

Kirk isn’t the first gospel artist or christian to use expletive language, and I sincerely doubt that cussing is the unpardonable sin referred to in Matthew 12:31-32 so we can all calm down and continue to stream his music. To safeguard my “black church card,” it’s worth me issuing this disclaimer - I do not cuss neither do I support Kirk’s colourful choice of words, however I don't intend to cancel him.

The story reads like a plot from a Lifetime Channel movie …” Driven by jealousy and envy, son born out of wedlock to celebrated gospel star threatens to tear apart father’s new family. In an ultimate act of betrayal, son releases audio recording of fathers profanity-laced tirade as a final attempt to destroy father’s legacy.”

In a recent interview with Tamron Hall for the Tamron Hall Show a sombre looking Kirk said: “…. I’m disappointed in myself for using that language and at the same time I’m human, I’m a father. I have a history of a toxic challenging turbulent relationship with a grown man that I’m still trying to fight for. In that fight it can become difficult and that day my humanity unfortunately won. I’m gonna keep trying while still continuing to admit that I am an imperfect man fighting to serve a perfect God.”

Veteran broadcaster and comedian Steve Harvey addressed the saga on his radio show saying: “Get off Kirk’s back. How many times have you heard pastors that get mad and use profanity and now Kirk uses it and all of a sudden y’all ready to ride him to hell? I don’t think you should do it that way because y’all ain’t better than Kirk…. Kirk don’t owe none of y’all an apology...” Fellow broadcaster and comedian, Ricky Smiley echoed Harvey’s sentiments comparing Kirk’s unfortunate predicament to that of Brian McKnight, whose sons also tried to ruin his legacy. “...Who are you to judge?  Nobody on this earth has a heaven or a hell to put Kirk Franklin in. Ain’t nobody perfect … don’t mess with my friend Kirk. Kirk Franklin didn’t owe anyone an apology,” Smiley said. He had harsh words for Kierron though : “Man up and get a job. If you don’t like your dad, change your surname.

Kierron’s mother Shawn Ewing, who has maintained a low profile over the years has come out publicly to support Kirk : “…We talk about cancel culture and I was like; I can’t leave Kirk out here by himself on this one. You are loved Kerrion Franklin, but we don’t get to use a part of an audio without going through the true history of counselling, therapy and godly counsel. I would rather have his father talk to him versus have some police officer who doesn’t love him snuff him out because of his strong personality,” she said during an interview with Heart Beat.

Adding some humour to the social media comments about Kirk's outburst, his ‘supposed’ doppelganger  - rapper Plies tweeted: That was not my dawg on that phone, that was me…. I gotta put my dawg on the album Now 4real!!! He sounded just like me on that phone.

Now that is one collaboration we definitely don't want to see happen.

Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

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