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The Voice UK has many Christian acts this year with some opting to sing some brilliantly bold gospel... More

The UK's gospel scene is becoming more and more exciting with new artists and groups emerging every other... More

Chicago is well known for its high crime and violence rates which are believed to exceed the overall... More

Gospel music has trickled down into popular culture and has grown in popularity. You can hear Lauren... More

Gospel music has always been considered sacred and set apart from secular. Gospel artists seeking to... More

The Voice UK is back with a bang and this year it features a whole host of Christian artists More

The former vice president of Zambia has said that the vaccine should be tested before distributed throughout... More

It’s been almost a year since Aunt Rona (aka the corona virus) rudely interrupted our existence, turning... More

Kierra Sheard has a new single out and we’re loving it. The singer teamed up with her gospel legend mother,... More

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