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Gospel music veteran Kirk Franklin has revealed his new album Losing My Religion will be released in... More

James Beatt is a bass player from Croydon and has recently left a career touring around the world with... More

Super bowl winner Russell Wilson is dating R&B superstar Ciara and they have revealed that they are abstaining... More

Melvillous puts words together in a way that not many rappers can. He is articulate and extremely skilled... More

Kirk Franklin returned at the start of September after a 4 year break from music with his new single... More

A Gospel singer from Camden, London, has made it through the next stages of the televised X Factor c... More

“Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more.” Romans 5:20. These are the words that best describe the... More

We're big fans of Becca Folkes here at Premier Gospel. We first took notice of her when her breakthrough... More

Popular UK rapper/MC Presha J has returned to music with his brand new single 'Live For You.' More

The word legend is often misused but when it comes to American Gospel artist Kirk Franklin, ‘legend’... More

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