Meet The Millennials

Meet the Millennials is a brand new podcast from Premier Gospel. Besties, Elaina Boateng and Esther Opoku-Gyeni host their friends and influencers in the Premier Gospel studio to talk millennial matters with special guest presenters Cassandra Lokko and Faith Child.

Expect honest conversation, side-splitting anecdotes and a challenge and/or take away from each show. Studio hangouts are the new motive and you’re invited!

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“I said I wouldn’t take on anything else, because I am exhausted but somehow I just agreed to join the worship team. I’m working long hours at work, church conference is in 2 weeks, so we’re rehearsing most days next week. Im still leading Bible study every other week, while trying to get my own clothing line off the ground, and this weekend I have my brother’s birthday dinner and Lauren’s bridal shower I organised. Right now, rest is honestly a myth! I don’t know how to say no and to be honest I like being able to tell people that I do everything...”

Millennials are known for doing the most, or at least wanting to be seen to be doing the most. You’re not living your best life unless you can provide receipts for every hour of your existence.

For the season finale of #MeetTheMillennials we speak to Rita Balogun about her millennial hustle -CEO of Radiant London, Radiant Events, Actor, Youtuber and Co-creator and host of Cre8 Bible Study. We all chip in on navigating the pressures to conform to doing the most, balancing our various plates, prioritising, being intentional about rest and making time for friends and family, and putting God first in and amongst the busyness.

If like us, you’re still figuring out this ‘life in balance stuff’, this one’s for you!

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Season 2 soon come!
Fiancés, Krystine Atti and Rian Formon join us in the studio to share what planning a wedding is like for a millennial couple. Is it actually the wedding or the mortgage? We discuss the pressures to have the wedding of the year and how to keep the main thing, the main thing. Guest Presenter, Cassandra Lokko spills the tea on her viral wedding #Lokkedin
The Money Medics trio, walk us through their helpful tips and tricks for saving, investing, cost-cutting and increasing your income, on the road to financial freedom. They are all under the age of 27, homeowners and the gold standard for healthy millennial money management. There’s something useful for everyone in this episode, whether you’re scraping the barrel or flossing like Cardi B, every little helps!
Best friends and bromance duo of life Timi Dorgu & Ayo Afolabi join us in the studio to share some gems about their 12+ year friendship - how they’ve overcome some of their most challenging life moments together, how they’ve been intentional about their friendship through marriage and busyness and how they stay accountable. We share our thoughts on what true friendship looks like.
We talk career journeys so far and finding purpose with our guests Andre Spence (“The Purpose Coach”) and Cassandra Lokko (Singer/Songwriter & Social Influencer). They keep it real on the challenges of figuring out what they wanted to do, job hopping, navigating their careers with God and finding purpose. Andre shares practical steps to help you discover your purpose. A conversation for anyone who,like us, doesn’t have it all together. Let’s learn together
Social media, online dating, the intentional dating narrative and situationships are just a few of the things that have made dating as a (Christian) millennial ‘complex’. Beauty and lifestyle blogger Sincerely Oghosa and bachelors Jezreel Asare and Jonathan Gagel join us in the studio to talk about how we’re navigating being millennial, single and dating. Hilarious insights into how men and women think!
Life was a lot simpler before Instagram right?

For the very first episode of Meet The Millennials, we meet Social Media Executive and Influencer, Debra Chosen. We spill our truths about our love/hate relationship with Instagram, and how we’re navigating false perceptions, comparison, self-esteem and influence on the platform.
What does it mean to be a 'man' in 2018?

For the second instalment of Meet The Millennials, UK rapper Icie and Special Guest Presenter Faith Child, join us in the studio to share their experiences of manhood and what being a man means to them in the age of Beyoncé feminism and evolving gender norms.