EP 4: Careers and callings ft Andre Spence & Cassandra Lokko

Am I the only one that thought coming out of uni, I would secure the job of my dreams from the jump, take on the world and just walk into my purpose? Simple. But in truth I’ve had 3 different jobs in the last 2 years, I absolutely hated the first two, and my job now is alright but I’m still just trying to find something that sticks you know? Sometimes I just think, what am I doing with my life?” ~ Anonymous Millennial 

If you can relate, this is the episode for you! 

We talk career journeys so far and finding purpose with our guests Andre Spence (“The Purpose Coach”) and Cassandra Lokko (Singer/Songwriter & Social Influencer). They keep it real on the challenges of figuring out what they wanted to do, job hopping, navigating their careers with God and finding purpose. Andre shares practical steps to help you discover your purpose. A conversation for anyone who, like us, doesn’t have it all together. Let’s learn together. 

Andre Spence “The Purpose Coach” advocates for young people to discover their purpose and release their potential through his bespoke Purpose coaching programme and more

Cassandra Lokko is a Singer-Songwriter, herself and her husband Karl Lokko are social influencers empowering and encouraging hope in young people, through Youtube, social media and events 

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