EP 5: Adulthood friendships ft Timi Dorgu, Ayo Afolabi & Faith Child

“I read a BBC headline the other day that said two thirds of adults in the UK have nobody to talk to about their problems. I was confused because I swear on average people have at least 150 friends on Facebook? Got me thinking about how not that long ago the most important thing to me was how many people I had at my birthday dinner, it didn’t  matter if we hadn’t spoken for the whole year, quantity over quality for the pics on Gram. But these days, I just want a few people who I can confidently say are down for me, through the highs, the lows, and even the ordinary. If we’re honest, everyone just wants a few close ones they can rely on, be vulnerable with and navigate lifestyle’s milestones in adulthood with. Not everyday #couplegoals, what about #friendshipgoals?”

Best friends and bromance duo of life Timi Dorgu & Ayo Afolabi join us in the studio to share some gems about their 12+ year friendship - how they’ve overcome some of their most challenging life moments together, how they’ve been intentional about their friendship through marriage and busyness and how they stay accountable. We share our thoughts on what true friendship looks like.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity

One of our favourite scriptures and a great depiction of God’s intention for friendship. 

If you listened to the podcast or you read this scripture and you’re still searching for true friendship, prayer is the major key, ask God for great friends AND for the character to be a great friend to others. 

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