EP 6: Money management ft The Money Medics

“Living in my parents' house at 25? Never! That’s what I thought anyway. I had it all planned- come out of university, work for a bit, save up, buy a house. But now I’m 28 and I’m still at home, wild! The rental market is moving mad and the housing market is even worse. I just want to be able to realistically save towards my goals but everyday there’s something. Marcus just said his stag is gonna be in Miami, I can’t miss that! So I guess it’s another few months not meeting my saving goals. Someone has to teach me how to do this money management thing better...”

The Money Medics trio, walk us through their helpful tips and tricks for saving, investing, cost-cutting and increasing your income, on the road to financial freedom.  They are all under the age of 27,  homeowners and the gold standard for  healthy millennial money management. There’s something useful for everyone in this episode, whether you’re scraping the barrel or flossing like Cardi B, every little helps!

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