EP 7: #WeddingGoals: To Have or To Home ft Krystine Atti, Rian Formon & Cassandra Lokko

The glittery Snapchat filter you use with the mandatory hashtag #Ericaweds Reggie, #CongomeetsUganda, the coordinated outfits for the 50 strong bridal party to match the detailed centre pieces that are blocking your view of the coordinated dance battle, the named dance floor, photo booth, flower wall and light up giant letters....just a few signs you’re at a millennial wedding. I love that millennials are personalising their weddings and making it an experience, you only get married once right? But I guess my worry is have we become more concerned with #breaktheinternet than the weight of the vows till death do us part? According to statistics the average wedding in the UK costs £27,161. Wow. Gone are the days of the wedding reception in the school hall then? My friend said something that got me thinking the other day “these days it feels like you’ve got to pick between THE wedding or the mortgage.” Damn, it’s that real...” ~ Anonymous Millennial

Fiancés, Krystine Atti and Rian Formon join us in the studio to share what planning a wedding is like for a millennial couple. Is it actually the wedding or the mortgage? We discuss the pressures to have the wedding of the year and how to keep the main thing, the main thing. Guest Presenter, Cassandra Lokko spills the tea on her viral wedding #Lokkedin

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