EP 8: The Millennial Hustle

“I said I wouldn’t take on anything else, because I am exhausted but somehow I just agreed to join the worship team.  I’m working long hours at work, church conference is in 2 weeks, so we’re rehearsing most days next week. Im still leading Bible study every other week, while trying to get my own clothing line off the ground, and this weekend I have my brother’s birthday dinner and Lauren’s bridal shower I organised. Right now, rest is honestly a myth! I don’t know how to say no and to be honest I like being able to tell people that I do everything...”

Millennials are known for doing the most, or at least wanting to be seen to be doing the most. You’re not living your best life unless you can provide receipts for every hour of your existence.

For the season finale of #MeetTheMillennials we speak to Rita Balogun about her millennial hustle -CEO of Radiant London, Radiant Events, Actor, Youtuber and Co-creator and host of Cre8 Bible Study. We all chip in on navigating the pressures to conform to doing the most, balancing our various plates, prioritising, being intentional about rest and making time for friends and family, and putting God first in and amongst the busyness. 

If like us, you’re still figuring out this ‘life in balance stuff’, this one’s for you!

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Season 2 soon come!

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