Season 2: Ep 2 - Youth Violence and SPAC Nation

I just went to another funeral. The boy was the same age as my little brother. His mother was in bits, his schoolmates looked traumatised and still I overheard some guys talking about revenge. I’m tired and I’m fed up of our young ones losing their lives like it’s nothing. I want to know how to fix it” ~ Anonymous Millennials

All year long we have heard about youth violence on the streets of London; with the death toll for homicides in London now at 121 people, a third of the cases involving victims aged 16-24*, we sat down with the Hope Dealers (of SPAC Nation) to talk about the situation on the streets. Pastor Nathan shares his past life of gangs and violence and the guys share what they think are the root causes and solutions. We allow them to address some of the concerns towards their methods and solutions (gospel drill, balaclavas and flaunting wealth) and get an insight to the work that SPAC Nation is doing to combat youth violence.

*The Independent, November 2018

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