Season 2: Ep 3 - Sexuality and Abstinence

“My fiancé and I are waiting until marriage to have sex and it's a STRUGGLE. What’s even harder is realising that the closer we get to the big day- the more I’m realising all the stuff I’ve internalised from the teachings at my church. “Don’t! Be pure! Wait! Hands off!”

“Guard your heart!” “It’s really not that great anyway!” “It’s great, but it’s not for you, unless you’re ‘burning’…then get married!” I guess I have grown up thinking I would magically become sexual when I get married but before marriage, my sexuality just has to stay dormant and suppressed. So how do I go from 25 years of repressed sexual Christian to Queen of the bedroom on my wedding night?" ~ Anonymous Millennial.

Does God have purpose for our sexuality beyond sex? If you never get married should that dimension of you just be dormant? How do we express our sexuality as single or dating Christians practicing abstinence, should we and can we?

Love Limitless Founder, Ify Alexis Lee joins the girls in the studio to discuss, recalling her experiences before she got married in early 2018. Guest Presenter Faith Child shares his abstinence journey as a 29 year old virgin.

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