Season 2: Ep 4 - Dealing with Bereavement

“I called her and said I think my Mum is missing...Friday evening the BBC News comes on and my Mum is amongst the two people confirmed as a family we’re thinking umm that’s my Mama’s picture on the that’s how we officially found wasn’t until the Sunday that the Police came around and confirmed her as dead...”~ Azuma Lebene

They say sex, finances and grief are the least spoken about topics in the church. Yet dealing with the loss of a loved one is almost inevitable for every person. We thought it was important to put the spotlight on grief. Our Guest, Azuma Lebene, lost her mother in the London 7/7 terrorist bomb attacks in 2005, and our very own Esther OG lost her best friend suddenly in 2016. In this episode we speak candidly about their journey through grief. Azuma’s long-time friend Kofi Agyemang shares on how he has learnt to support and comfort Azuma through her grief over the years; comforting others through loss is so sensitive, so we offer our experiences.

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