Season 2: Ep 5 - Parenting

“I still laugh when people call me Dad, I’m someone’s I always imagined this would happen one day, but now it’s happening it’s so surreal. I’m delirious without sleep, all the opinions and advice is just driving me mad, but I swear when I see little man smile, it pauses all my fears and doubts, and I finally get how God sees me....”

#IndiaMeetsGhana YouTubers Amit and Michelle Patel join us to talk about the highs, lows, rewards and challenges of millennial parenting.

Parents to their 1 year old son Ezra, and also with a baby girl on the way, they share their parenting journey so far- the fears, preparation,  sleep-less nights, raising mixed heritage and Christ-like children, and how parenting has helped them understand God’s love more.

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