My Story

My Story is a brand new feature on Premier Gospel, sharing the compelling testimonies from Christians who have overcome the most impossible situations and experienced God’s unfailing grace. They tell their own remarkable stories, to witness to and encourage other believers and non-believers with the Good News of the Gospel.

Mother of four Agnita is of West Indian and Jewish decent. Although a follower of Christ for many years, she lost her husband tragically which transformed her circumstances forever. More

Author and professional chef Jemma has been confronted by the challenges of mental health since she was a child. Although she was able to attain earthly success, there was a vacuum within her which threatened... More

Emma witnessed the divorce of her parents and grew up with questions about her self-worth and faith in God. More

As an ambitious university student, Eno was advised to put her academic aspirations on hold, despite the amazing opportunity presented to her. More

Akwasi took the opportunity as a young adult to opt-out of attending church with his family, but he had no idea of the challenges ahead of him.  More