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Devon Franklin shares 5 things to know before you get married

Mon 03 Sep 2018
By Isaac Borquaye

Inspirational pastor and filmmaker DeVon Franklin recently listed five issues he believes single people should consider before deciding to get married. In 2015, he and his wife, actress Meagan Good, released a best selling book titled, The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love.

"Sometimes we're just not ready for it emotionally," he wrote first in the email blast titled "Reasons Not To Commit." "There's still some work we need to do on ourselves, some personal heavy lifting that demands our focus and sacrifice for a while longer." 

Franklin went on to list some other reasons to not marry someone. Second on the list he explained that timing is a key factor in commitment.

"Reluctance to commit often comes from a deep knowing that it's just not time," he wrote. "And that person you're aching for? If that person is who God has set up for you, he or she will be there when you're ready."

Although he is big on waiting until marriage to be intimate, Franklin said people should not be in a realtionship just because the other person is willing to wait. 

"Another reason to hesitate is because you realize you've chosen a person because she or he was willing to wait—and not much else," he continued. "Giving up sex for you is a wonderful thing, but you can't build a relationship on that alone."

He then said, "You shouldn't commit because of pressure or fear that you're falling behind, either. Don't rush into a commitment because everybody else is doing it. The people who pressure us into marriage are often the same ones who ask, 'Why didn't it work out?'"

Finally, the 40-year-old warned couples not to commit to marriage just to make someone else happy.

"You also should never commit because it's what someone else wants," he urged. "When you make a decision just to please someone else, you will always make the wrong decision."

Earlier in the year, Franklin also wrote more information in a post titled, "When Should I Commit?" The listed an additional five points of advice. Franklin talked about the importance of passion in a relationship despite not being intimate, he also detailed the danger of cohabiting, and shared why he believes people should not commit.

Although some Christians practice not even kissing before marriage, Franklin encouraged couples to show some form of affection toward each other.

He advised, "Just because you practice The Wait doesn't guarantee you're going to have a great sex life when you get married. So, don't be afraid to kiss each other or hold each other, because if there isn't passion chemistry, this is a red flag that you'll need to address."

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