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Guvna B's new release Something For The Summer hits #5 on UK Christian Chart

Thu 14 Aug 2014
By Isaac Borquaye

Something for the Summer is a seven track EP made up of the sounds of hip hop, drum & bass, and Afro beats that, together, create a feel-good soundtrack for your summer.

The lead single and title track "Something For The Summer" has already been a hit at festivals across Europe this year including Sweden, Norway, Slovakia and Big Church Day Out, Soul Survivor and Creationfest in the UK with many more dates to come.
This is Guvna B's second project in 2014, following from his free mixtape, Scrapbook 2, released earlier this year.
Premier Gospel wanted to find out why Guvna B is so passionate about Gospel music:
"I grew up listening to gospel music and it made me really joyful that we can have hope and I want to make music that gives people hope." Says Guvna B.
The MOBO award winner has done just that with drum and bass track "Don't Give Up On Trying" featuring Naomi Scott, where he identifies with others who need encouragement to carry on walking in the plans God has for us despite the troubles we may face.
The EP was released on August 3rd and is available from ITunes and all digital music outlets as well as HMV stores across the UK.



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