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Kanye West designs Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr Book Cover

Wed 24 Jun 2015
By Premier Journalist

He is possibly one of the most influential stars of Hip-Hop and now Kanye West has turned his hand to Christian book design. 

Kanye West designed the cover of Sandcastle Kings which is the upcoming book from Miami’s Trinity Church pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. Rich had this to say about the book. 

It looks more like art than a book cover. It's clean, minimalistic, and simple, with big brush strokes. It's exactly what I hoped it would be ... I know Kanye as my friend; we talk about Jesus. And that's the whole point: God doesn't care about scandals; He cares about people. So it makes sense for Kanye to design the book cover. It makes a statement.

Pastor Rich who also officiated Kanye West & Kim Kardashian's wedding is gaining popularity and the book is predicted to do well. 

Here's a blast from the past!

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