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Levi Roots tells the Church to get entrepreneurial

Businessman, Levi Roots, who won investment for his business after appearing on BBC 2's Dragon Den TV programme, has urged the Church to encourage entrepreneurship.

Speaking at an event organised by the Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU), to promote economic development and enterprise within African and Caribbean church congregations, Roots said there were simple steps churches could take to be more business savvy.

"I'd say get an accountant! I do think that's one of the most important things in business," he told Premier.


"You need to protect those areas and that's one of the things that most businesses will fall down because you're not looking after the pennies."

His comments followed Bishop Wayne Malcolm, known on social media as the "Business-Bishop", telling attendees of the event how "Godly" being entrepreneurial is.

Bishop Malcolm explained: "You are no more like God than when you are creating an enterprise.

"God is in the business of creating."

He also said for some young black and minority ethnic (BME) people, being an entrepreneur would be their only escape of poverty.



Roots told Premier the Church is vital in inspiring these future business owners.

"As an entrepreneur I think inspiration is one of the biggest things that you need because you need to try things and to fail and to learn... and that's what an entrepreneur does," he said.

"I think the Church teaches that - how to inspire, not just you but everyone.

"There's no greater form of how you gather inspiration than through the church.

"I learned that from a very young age just by going to church and being inspired by singing and inspired by the congregation and inspired by the pastor."

Listen to Levi Roots speaking with Premier's Eno Adeogun:

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