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PG Spotlight: Femi Omole

Tue 04 Nov 2014
By Isaac Borquaye

Femi Omole is a British gospel singer and songwriter born in London , England.

Femi graduated from University with a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. He first started singing as a chorister at his local branch of the Foursquare Gospel Church and also served as choir director of his University's christian fellowship.

Femi Omole’s Debut Album titled “Clap Clap” is one that brings down the atmosphere of heaven to earth allowing true worshippers to bask in the glory of the King.

The CD’s first single , “Bought” covers a theme that is central to the christian faith – That the ultimate sacrifice was paid for the redemption of our souls.

Other songs in the album including ” Clap Clap ” , “You alone ” and ” We’ve come to  Praise” are high-energy praise songs that lift up the spirit while focusing the attention firmly on God. ” Nobody Else” is a song of encouragement, letting people know that whatever the circumstances, God’s love for them supersedes any other.

“Power Belongs to God” reminds us of the fact that all power in Heaven and on Earth belongs to the Almighty. Femi currently serves as a Minister and Praise Worship Leader at the House of Praise Church in the United Kingdom.

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