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Preacher Devon Franklin & wife Meagan Good encourage couples to wait until marriage

Mon 01 Feb 2016
By Isaac Borquaye

These days, couple’s rarely wait until marriage to be intimate with one another. Statistics rarely lean towards the idea of preserving intimacy till after you’ve tied the knot and dating apps like Tinder often support the idea of stealing the joys of marriage before it’s time.

Pastor and producer Devon Franklin and actress Meagen Good chose to be celibate before they married in 2012, having dated for 11 months. Devon Franklin has written a book that encourages singles to practice delayed gratification when it comes to sexual pleasure and think of celibacy as a tool to having a successful life.

"It's a tool to put things in perspective in your life," Franklin said. "A lot of times we give up ourselves and our bodies what we think is required just to be in a relationship or feel like we can date or feel like we can be an available option in the dating scene. What we're saying is celibacy is a tool to help you build a powerful life. When you take the power back ... you preserve clarity and can ask, 'Who is the person that I'm dating?'"

Good, 34, agreed. "It says something interesting for both women and men, especially women that a lot of our value that we put on ourselves and a lot of what can be insecurity is wrapped up and tethered to our sexuality," she said. "For me, learning that my relationship is not wrapped up in my sexuality was key."

Hear them talk about marriage here. 

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